- Who inspired it all.

   We came to SickKids for the first time like many families, feeling scared and unsure. Addy already had it in her head the question she was going to ask. It was October 13, 2021, a day we will always remember. That is when Addison met Dr. Malkin, a kind-hearted man, eyes filled with compassion. 

   And with courage, Addison asked the hard question we were all thinking, “Am I going to die”?

   Dr. Malkin looked at her with warmth and said, “Addison, asking such a big question on your first day here shows incredible courage for a 13 year old."

   "I do not have a crystal ball, but I promise you that we will do everything we can to ensure that does not happen to you”. As the news of Addy’s battle with cancer spread, she told Dr. Malkin that he should really get his hands on a crystal ball. 

  Addy didn’t waste any time asking us if we could get him one, she carefully picked it out and the next hospital admission she gave it to him. 

    As Addy handed this to him, she said with authority “Now you have to learn how to use it”.  Laughter filled the room, and in a strange way, Addy found comfort in knowing that Dr. Malkin now had his hands on this crystal ball. Its power wasn’t predicting the future, but in believing in all possibilities ahead.

    And so, within the walls of SickKids, a touching tale unfolds - a story of courage, resilience, and a bond between a determined girl and her oncologist. 

   The journey was marked not only by medical battles, but by moments of laughter, strength, and of an unspoken understanding that Dr. Malkin was going to learn how to use this crystal ball.


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